A solo project that's been kept on and off ice for about ten years.
“From manic breakdowns to fistpumping singalongs in what basically is the same breath, no one leaves without having had an experience they will never forget.”.

With a modern, simple sound drenched in the blood from the vein of early New York punk-rock and the slamming groove of the delta blues perfectly paired with a classic raspy voice he will surely install a sonic experience to match the name.


Referring to himself as “the worlds worst genius” and having spawned a musical career from as early as 10 years old Izzy has constantly stayed busy as a multi-instrumentalist, effortlessly jumping in between every genre from hip hop to country to thrash and black metal.

Working as a session player, record producer, engineer and songwriter as well as cutting his teeth on the road both as a tech and the main act all while scheming to end the reign of “musical villains” Izzy set his sight on making the world sick because like Blink182 said “Nobody likes you when you’re 23”.

05. BleedingOut 2019Demo.mp3
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