Whether you are a up and coming band with a label behind you, a bedroom guitar god who doesn’t want to go through the hassle of endlessly moving midi-blips around or an independent artist with a limited budget, if you share your vision with me, there is no way you’ll be disappointed. 

Let's make something cool.


Izzy who?


Hi, my name is Izzy, also known as Izzy Von Scarecrow and I am “the little mixer that could” from Sweden.

I’ve also been called a songwriter, a multi-instrumentalist, a singer and “that kid with all the damn eyeliner”.

From the age of ten I spent my time being in band after band, making demos and playing endless shows but the production side always appealed to me so I hopped on a plane and attended the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, studying audio engineering, mixing, production and live sound.

Currently mixing records writing songs and programming drums for new friends and colleagues across the globe and working as a hired gun on guitar and bass as well as doing PR-work for Swedish record label Icons Creating Evil Art.
I've cut my teeth on the road, in studios, in shitty rehearsal spaces making demo after demo and in bedrooms and living rooms making singles and albums for people from all over the world.

I know the struggles of being in a band, being a solo musician and how important it is to have killer mixes because after all your songs are your legacy.

I work with rock, metal, punk and alternative acts and bands to give them the next level of mixes, lots of records and demos fall apart just cause “your drummer knows what he’s doing” or “my friend is suuuuper good at FL studio”.

Look, I’ll take your tracks make them punchy, give them width, depth and make them jump out of your speakers just like the first time you fell in love with rock n roll.